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Goodnight Mr Bear – Sleep well


晚安熊 - 睡不好 – 睡眠不好,是专为幼儿和儿童睡前平静下来。 在3动画序列,每个14动物和2名儿童可抱睡觉。 该动画可以成为父母为灵感一点点睡前故事。 该应用程序平静下来,并帮助孩子入睡也是如此。 该特别是作曲和一个额外的摇篮曲摇篮的孩子睡觉。如果您的婴儿或幼儿是累,但也许是太兴奋,睡觉,这个程序可以作为一个沉睡的援助。 小睡前故事与睡觉的动物帮助入睡。
注家长:基本版有4只动物(兔子,熊,天鹅和鹿)和1名儿童(男孩)是免费的,没有广告。 随着一次性应用程序内购买10个额外的动物(驴,无尾熊,刺猬,大象,牛,海豚,狗,摩尔,鸡肉和獾)和另一个孩子(女孩)就可以买到。

Goodnight Bear – Sleep well, has been designed for toddlers and children to calm down before going to bed. In a sequence of 3 animations, each of the 14 animals and 2 children can be cradled to sleep. The animations can serve parents as inspiration for a little bedtime story. The App calms down and helps kids to fall asleep as well. The especially composed music and an additional lullaby cradles children to sleep.
If your baby or toddler is tired, but perhaps too keyed up to go to sleep, this app can serve as a sleeping aid. The little bedtime stories with sleeping animals assist in falling asleep.
Developed by parents to facilitate bedtime for the whole family.
Note for parents:The basic version with 4 animals ( rabbit , bear , swan and deer ) and 1 child ( boy ) is free and without advertisements. With a one-time in-app purchase 10 additional animals ( donkey , koala bear , hedgehog , elephant , cow , dolphin , dog , mole , chicken and badger ) and another child ( girl ) can be purchased.
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